About Us

What is The Language Lounge?
I’m glad you asked. Simply put, The Language Lounge is the answer to the problem plaguing the language community the world over: where to go to practice and maintain language skills.

Why the Language Lounge?

Wondering why we do this?

We strongly believe in a multilingual world where it will be “normal” that someone speaks 3 or 4 different languages. We believe that this is possible and can be achieved by making language learning a regular part of our lives. We also believe that the next step in making this happen is to create environments that cater to that goal.

Up Close

Our Story

Our story is just being written. From the beginning, we wanted to create something new, a social learning experience that doesn’t cost a fortune and is tailor-made for today’s world, drawing on the human nature of sharing each others’ cultures, languages and stories.
The human connections that are created when we learn from each other last a lifetime, and the communication skills we can learn can change our lives.
We hope you join us on the journey while you pursue your individual journey to understanding and fluency in your chosen language.


Our Team


Sanorah Kelly

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  • English
  • German
  • French

Director of Technology

Alex Nuta

Originally from Romania, Alex spoke 3 languages by the age of 7, and has since picked up 4 other languages, of which Irish is the most unusual.
Alex is an IT professional with a Marketing background, and he worries about all the websites and technology we use.

  • English
  • French
  • Romanian
  • Gaeilge (Irish)
  • Japanese